• Jeff Chang

Safe Health (Pre-Order): USD $6.90

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

FOB Vietnam

MOQ: 1M x 12mths

Price: USD $6.90

Payment terms: 30% TT as deposit and 70% to Precious Mountain (Factory)


  1. NCNDA, Buyer issues ICPO to Precious Mountain (PM)

  2. Seller confirms ICPO and releases an official FCO alongside product.

  3. Buyer sends BCL of 2 months amount against allocation letter via bank officer.

  4. Seller sends the sales and purchase contract based on the confirmed FCO. Buyer review, confirm and then sign.

  5. Seller issues the proforma invoice.

  6. Buyer accepts invoice and 30% T/T of amount for deposit to PM's account

  7. If needed, SGS inspects the products.

  8. After positive inspection, Buyer pays 70% T/T of the amount for balance.

  9. Seller prepare FOB process.

*For trial, please inquire about pricing for 1M boxes*