• Jeff Chang

Cranberry Evolve 300 (Pre-Order) - Price: USD $20.00 - $20.70

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

MOQ: 5M X 12mths

  • CIF to worldwide

  • Price: USD $20.70

  • FOB Malaysia

  • Price: USD $20.00


  1. LOI must specify glove type, color, size, payment term.


  3. Proof of Fund (MT-199) or Bank Credit Letter (BCL) or Financial Certificate from buyer’s bank that can be examined.

  4. Seller check all buyer’s document and finance. This will take 2-3 days depending on completeness of buyer’s document and finance.

  5. Seller will issue FCO, Spec, Delivery Plan and send to buyer via email (or agent) within 1 days after INTELLIGENCE of buyer’s submitted document.

  6. Buyer sign FCO and send back to Seller (within 48 hours).

  7. Seller issue draft SPA with all terms and conditions.

  8. Both Parties (seller and buyer) sign SPA within 2-3 days.

  9. LOC Verbiage verification between both parties (seller and buyer)

  10. Both Parties (seller and buyer) agree on Letter of Credit (LOC) draft verbiage.

  11. Seller’s documentation about ALL product and allocation prove will be shown to buyer within 2 working days after confirmed receive of signed SPA.

  12. Seller send PI to Buyer

  13. Buyer open ITRLC (Irrevocable Transferable, Revolving LOC) to seller equivalent for 2 months order's quantity.

  14. 1.5% of Performance Bond will be provided from both parties.

  15. 30-35 days after LOC Verification, product will be ship according to FOB term. Cranberry also CIF, after received and confirmed instrument for payment.