• Jeff Chang

Kimberly-Clark KC 500 (Pre-Order) EX-FACTORY Thailand: USD $8.60


QTY: 20 Million boxes

MOQ: 5 Million boxes

Price: USD $8.60


  1. Buyer Provide LOI, LOA.

  2. Seller Provide FCO/ SPA.

  3. Seller & Buyer clarify SPA and amend accordingly for both parties to sign and agree with terms.

  4. Zoom call with buyer and seller, including mandates. Ø Clarifications/Discussion

  5. Seller provide Proforma Invoice.

  6. Seller provide FIA verifiable Proof of Product.

  7. Buyer pay 5% deposit to Seller.

  8. Buyer shall provide SGS inspector details for Seller to get approval from factory for the inspection. (at buyers cost). If there's restriction due to Covid19 cases, factory offers to do the SGS inspection on behalf of buyer.

  9. Seller issue final invoice to Buyer.

  10. Buyer release balance 95% via TT or Irrevocable Non -Transferable LC payment to seller.

  11. Seller transfer the product title to Buyer’s name & provide all the documentation for logistics such as country of origin, packing list etc. as per SPA.

  12. Buyer shall provide collection date to Seller for collection of goods.

  13. Buyer collects goods

  14. Transaction complete.


  • TT 5% deposit is non-negotiable.

  • Payments against SGS is mandatory.

  • Zoom call shall be done with seller upon clarifying and signing the SPA.

  • First month’s order shall be ready stock and subsequently will be Pre-Order SOP.

  • Full deposit payment and SGS cost will be 100% refundable in case the SGS inspection result fail.