• Jeff Chang

Cranberry Evolve 300 (OTG USA)


  • 10M @ $27.00

  • 50M @ $26.00

  • 100M @ $25.00

  • 350M @ $24.50

  • 500M @ $24.00

Inspection before Escrow.


  1. LOI, ICPO LOA and KYC/AML. End-Buyer and proxy buyer. In addition, the name of the buyer’s Attorney must be submitted.  All three must pass compliance which is generally completed within 3 business days.

  2. Seller issues FCO.

  3. Buyer is a POF in the form of an MT199 or BCL/ATV Top Tier Bank or an Attorney Attestation Letter that is current valid within 5 business days.  A template of such letter to be provided.

  4. Seller provides SGS, LOT numbers.


  6. Soft Inspection done by video call. Buyer may request a physical inspection.

  7. Buyer Loads Escrow.

  8. Close.

  9. Buyer collects the goods in the agreed upon time.