• Jeff Chang

Cranberry Evolve 300 (OTG US) - Price: USD $24.50 - $24.80

QTY: 50M Boxes

Price: USD $24.80

QTY: 100M Boxes

Price: USD $24.50


  1. Signed NCNDA . Buyer submits LOI, LOA(POF), ICPO, KYC, AML.

  2. Operating Procedure Acknowledgement by this FCO via DocuSign and be signed by Buyer.

  3. Seller provides strong RWA/LOA.

  4. Buyer submits A2A to Seller legal his BCL + ATV.

  5. POF/full verification by Cranberry Seller Compliance Service of funds available to transact.

  6. Upon successful verification of funds, Seller provides redacted SGS with PIN code for SGS Verification.

  7. Submission SPA - Escrow Account Agreement will be signed – with our Attorney. It’s tripartite agreement where the End Seller will be paid by BPU Under conditions for delivery the Goods.

  8. Telegraphic Transfer to The Seller Escrow Account JP MORGAN CHASE BANK.

  9. When Fund Escrow Account Fully funded, Seller will give the unredacted and full SGS & all documents to the Client and full visit Inspection.

  10. Escrow Payment is released all funds to the Seller, and Products will be released to the Buyer and transaction is completed. In addition, buyers who are guaranteed by Cranberry shall be able to enjoy the warranty of the product until the expiration date in accordance with Cranberry Compliance.