• Jeff Chang

Ansell MTMT (300pcs) (Pre-Order) : USD $18.40

FOB Malaysia


  • 5M x 12mths

  • 10M x 6mths

PRICE: USD $18.40

Direct to Korean AH.

After POF/BCL, AH will show PI from factory.

PI is Ansell's official letter.

Buyer must agree to pay TT to factory.


  1. NCNDA

  2. LOI, KYC, POF

  3. AH will show PI issued by Ansell factory to Buyer. (Some sensitive info like Price is redacted)

  4. SPA

  5. Buyer shall TT deposit 30% of 1st month Purchase to Ansell factory

  6. ITLC for Balance of the production

  7. Inspection and delivery to port

  8. Release payment