• Jeff Chang

Ansell MTMT (300pcs) (Pre-Order) (Allocation Ready): USD $19.50

FOB Malaysia

MOQ: 5M x 12mths

QTY: 10M x 12mths (Ready in November)

Price: USD $19.50


  1. Buyer provide NCNDA, LOI, POF, ICPO and Seller Provide FCO/SPA.

  2. Seller & Buyer clarify SPA and amend accordingly for both parties to sign and agreed with terms.

  3. Seller will provide Proforma Invoice and show the allocation.

  4. Buyer to issue draft SBLC verbiage to seller

  5. Buyer will issue SBLC to Seller for first 2 MONTH. LC for the remaining 10 months

  6. Seller will provide delivery schedule upon the allocation from Factory.

  7. Buyer shall provide SGS inspector details for Seller to get approval from factory for the inspection.

  8. Upon SGS inspection done, seller will issue invoice to buyer based on acceptance SGS report.

  9. Buyer shall make payment against SGS via SBLC / LC.

  10. Buyer shall provide delivery location. (Port or Local Buyer appointed warehouse).