Honesty, Integrity & Reliability

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I founded this company to assist individuals, organizations, and governments get back to business. As a licensed attorney and founder of the Chang Law Group, I have over a decade of experience dealing with foreign companies and transactions. My extended family includes founders of technology and manufacturing companies, as well as business men and women who have been conducting business in Taiwan and Asia for many decades in fields like health care and medical device manufacturing. This has empowered me to develop deep and valued relationships with suppliers and manufacturers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.


I started this venture because have many family members in the medical and health care sector, including my brother, who is an M.D. Ph.D specializing in pediatric otolaryngology, and my wife, who is a DPT, I worried about their ability to stay safe in the midst of a global pandemic. I have also personally seen my friends, who are savvy professionals, be victimized by unscrupulous scammers. Assure PPE is here to help ensure that you and your employees can get back to business safely.

- Jeff C. Chang, Esq.

Founder & CEO